Cosmetic Dentistry

Currently, the elevation of the aesthetic canons and the increasing demand on all types of beauty treatments has transcended the barriers of age, gender and social status. This reality shows the relevance that aesthetics has reached in modern society. That is why, now more than ever, a beautiful smile is our best letter of presentation.

Are you not happy with your smile? Do you have yellow teeth, with spaces that uglify your smile? Cosmetic Dentistry is the specialty that uses multiple techniques to acheive the harmony of the mouth correcting asymmetries, inadequate space, color irregularities or any other condition that prevents the patient from having an esthetic smile.

There is a variety of aesthetic treatments we offer in LG Dental to procure you with an ideal smile: whitening, veneers (composite or porcelain), diastema closure with composite, crowns, porcelain inlays, enamel microabrasion, dental malformations correction, mucogingival treatment, elimination of gingival pigmentations, surgery and orthodontics, among others.

If you experience any of these symptoms. We will be happy to help.

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